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Hyosung sees 100 years of development in Vietnam

Hyosung, South Korea's leading power transformer producer, is expanding long-term operations in Vietnam because it sees 100 years of successful sustainable development in the future here, the company’s chairman said.

The Domestic steel industry under pressure from consumption demand

According to the Vietnam Commodity Exchange (MXV), in the second quarter, the increase in the price of raw materials for the steel manufacturing industry may slow down, contributing to stabilizing steel prices after continuously increasing since the beginning of the year. now.

Vietnam's mold manufacturing industry – status, investment and technology development

Mold manufacturing industry is a hot field in the field of mechanical processing today. This job requires a team of engineers, in addition to mold design skills, to be equipped with practical experience in CNC machining, and experience in troubleshooting mold errors. Mold processing today is mostly using CNC milling machines, depending on the type of mold, people use 3-axis or multi-axis milling machines.

LG Innotek in Haiphong invests further $1 billion

LG Innotek, a producer of core components for mobile devices, automotive displays, and semiconductors, will invest $1 billion into building a new manufacturing facility for advanced smartphone camera modules and other optical products in the northern port city of Haiphong.

Steel market may recover by end of this year

In the long term, according to VSA, Vietnam's steel demand will continue to grow from 240kg per capita to 290kg per capita in 2030. Steel demand will be concentrated on alloys or high-quality steel.