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Life story: Sorrowful tree

Date posted: 25/ 11/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Sorrowful tree321. Cây Phiền Muộn

The carpenter I hired to help repair the old house, ended his first day of work with much anguish and frustration. First, the roof of the house made him squirm for hours, then the “strike” of the old saw and the old truck. When I drove him home, he sat still like a paddy, not laughing all the way. Upon arrival, he invited me to visit his family.
As we approached the door, he suddenly stopped beside a short trunk and brought both of his hands to the top of the tree. The moment the door opened, I was surprised to see him transform into a completely different person. His sunburnt face beamed with a smile. He clasped his two small children to his lap and kissed his wife gently. After a while, he took me to the car to go home. As we passed the short tree near the door, my curiosity prompted me to forcefully ask him about his earlier actions.
“Oh! It is my troublesome tree. ” He happily replied. “I know I am okay with the troubles at work and make sure not to bring them home to annoy my wife and children who have been waiting for me all day long. So every time I come home in the afternoon, I take all my sorrow and frustration and send it to the top of the tree.
“But you know what, that’s funny,” the carpenter went on: “When I went out every morning to take them away, they seemed to have lost a lot more than when I sent them to the treetop yestoday”.

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