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Life story: Professor and fisherman

Date posted: 04/ 11/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Professor and fisherman318. Giáo Sư Và Ngư Dân

One day, a professor got on a boat to admire the scenery. Sitting on the boat, the professor asked the fisherman to row him: “Do you know anything about the creature?”, The fisherman answered and did not know. The professor said, “So you have lost ¼ life “.
After a while, the professor asked, “Do you know anything about philosophy?” The fisherman answered, not knowing. The professor said, “So you’ve lost half of your life again.”
After a while longer, the professor asked, “Do you know anything about science?”, The fisherman still said no answer. At this moment, when the wind blew up, causing huge waves, the fisherman asked the professor quickly, “Do you know how to swim?”, The professor answered and did not know. “Then his life is over.”
Lesson: Not necessarily everything you need to know to be good, sometimes if you master a skill you won’t have to worry at all.

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