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Life story: Luggage for the trip

Date posted: 10/ 02/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Luggage for the trip330. Hành Trang Lên đường

There was a Disciple who wanted to study far away. The Venerable asked, “When will you go?”
“Next week I will go. In the long distance, I have asked people to weave a few pairs of grass shoes, after getting my shoes, I will leave”.
The teacher pensive for a while and then said, “If not, I will ask the followers to donate shoes for you.” He did not The Venerable ask how many people but on that day there were dozens of people bring shoes to him, fills a corner of the meditation room.
The next morning, a people brought an umbrella to give to the Disciple. The Venerable asked, “Why do you give umbrella?”. “The Venerable said that the Disciple was going away, on the way there might be heavy rain, he told me whether I could give an umbrella?” But that day, not only that person brought an umbrella to give. By the evening, there are about 50 umbrellas of all kinds in the meditation hall.
After evening class ended, the Venerable walked into the Disciple’s meditation room: “Are grass shoes and umbrellas enough?”
“Enough!” – The Venerable pointed to a pile of umbrellas and grass shoes tall like a small mountain in the corner of the room. “That’s too much, teacher, I can’t take it all away.” “That’s okay,” said the Venerable. “It was sometimes sunny and rainy, who could predict how far you would have to go and how many times it would rain and wind. What if the turf shoes wear off, oh well, what should you do then? ”
Pausing for a while, he continued: “On the way, you will surely meet many rivers and streams, tomorrow I will have a word for the followers to take a boat, take it with you …”. At this time, the Discipleunderstood his teacher’s intentions. The Disciple knelt on the ground, saying, “I will depart now and will not bring anything.”
When doing anything, the important thing is not the external objects have been carefully prepared or not, but that we have enough determination or not? Having determination, clear goals, all are no longer a problem, no longer an obstacle.
Bring your heart to the road, the goal no matter how far away but the road is right under your feet, just go and will come. You walk even one step, that means you have harvested. Just take your heart on the road, all the other external objects will be enough!

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