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Life story: A gift for mother

Date posted: 24/ 12/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: A gift for mother325. Món Quà Tặng Mẹ

I hurriedly walked into a store to get some last-minute Christmas presents for my daughter. Looking at the crowd in awe, I would probably be stuck in the store forever while having many things to do piled up. From time to time it is unclear Christmas has become a burden. I don’t know why there must be such an annoying holiday with so many things to worry about, gifts to buy for people and others, I hope to be able to roll back and sleep through the Christmas season like some butter bears. rest during the winter. I tried to squeeze through the crowd of people walking like ants to burst into the toy store, and wondered if the girl would crave such toys. I browsed through the rows of toys and choose a doll that also looks pretty, rushing out to line up the checkout. By chance I saw a little boy standing nearby, touching a pair of cute red comicals so cute. The little boy hugged the two on his face brightly. I looked at him and was a bit surprised that the 7-year-old looked at his bright eyes as if looking at a toy toy he loved so much.
Meanwhile, the boy said to the cashier:
– Are you sure I’m short of money? I calculated that is enough money that!
The girl answered, seemingly unable to bear it:
– I know I don’t have enough money, but I still ask a lot, that’s too much. She stood aside to let her pay for others, whenever she found enough money, she would pay.
I looked at the sad face boy and stood looking at the comedy. Observing for a while I asked:
– Did you buy a couple of clothes for my sister?
– No, I bought it for my Mom. My mother is very sick and Dad says I am going to see Jesus. These are my mom’s favorite long time ago, I want to buy them for her to bring them to meet Jesus. Mother will be beautiful, will be fun!
When I heard this, I realized that his mother was dying, but he was too young to understand goodbye. And a heartbreaking pain filled my soul. The boy continued:
– I told my dad to tell Mom not to go now, tell me to wait for you to go home from the market. I still lack a few dollars to buy a couple of comedy, all the money I have saved for a long time is still not enough. Can you help me? Tomorrow you will go to work and return it to me.
Watch the tiny boy bow his head silently. I reached into my pocket and handed the money to him. – Here, I took away to pay and worried about Mom, beautiful couple!
The boy’s face suddenly brightened and said:
– Yes, thank you very much! God will bless your kindness. Your mother will be happy to bring these comedy to Jesus.
I walked out of the store and on the way home I could still see the innocent face of the poor boy. The boy’s love for his mother so strong. As an angel from God, he reminded me of the meaning of Christmas, the season of love and gift ….

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