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Life story: Apple tree story

Date posted: 19/ 11/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Apple tree story320. Chuyện Cây Táo

In the other village, there was a tree that was both tall and big, green all year round with lush green leaves, fruit laden with fruit. Children also often come here to play hide and seek. A boy in the village is very close to the apple tree, running every day to the tree playing alone. Playing bored he climbed up a stick near the ground, sitting squatting on it. Sometimes when he was exhausted, he slept on the branches of the tree always. He liked most when the hot, sunny weather was sitting under cool trees. The apple tree smiled happily at the boy, hugging him between his trees. The boy climbed up the tree, picked the ripe, red, and ate, smiling eyes.
The four seasons of spring, fall, fall and fall, the people in the village were familiar with the scene of the boy hanging around the apple tree all day. He loves the apple tree, sometimes his mother calls to eat, calls 3, 4 times to drag him home. Later growing up, the boy began to get busy with his homework and dating his friends, no longer had the daily habit of playing with the apple tree. Occasionally he saw his shadow passing by, the tree was so happy, the trees seemed to reach, swooping in the boy’s lap.
One day, he went to the apple tree, the tree was sad and sad, saying he wanted to play with him. He said: “No, I’m not young anymore, I can’t play with friends anymore. I want to play a car with a remote-controlled ship, but I don’t have money to buy it. ” The apple tree said, “Unfortunately, I don’t have any money for you either. But look, the apples on my body look very nice and delicious. You pick all the fruits on my tree to sell, won’t you have money already? The boy was immensely grateful, picked all the apples from the tree down, and with a cheerful face, he jumped and left. After that, he did not come back for a long time. The apple tree stood alone in the middle of the silent space, recalling his lovely face and sighing.
One day, the boy finally arrived. But no longer the old boy with a chubby face. Now he was a tall young man. But in the heart of an apple tree, he was still the same boy. The tree was overly excited, swooping down the tree to caress his face, inviting the boy to play with him. He said: “No, I don’t have time to play with you. I am busy. I am getting married. But my house has been rotted so many places, we need a new house, and later we will pick the babies to be born. Can you help me?”.
“I’m not home,” the apple tree said. “But, you can cut all my branches down to close a house. You won’t have to worry about your wife or kids anymore. ” So the young man cut all the branches down, happily transported home. Seeing the happy young man, the apple tree also showed its joy. Although on the trunk of the apple sometimes emits dull, sometimes yellow, yellowish stains. Perhaps it took a long time for those plastic stains to dry, and the new apple tree would not be punctured by the gnawing pain.

But from then on he did not see the young man visiting the apple tree anymore. Now the apple tree no longer luxuriant branches. The new apples are also stunted, succulent and sweet. People in the village also did not stop chatting under a tree with branches and leaves. The apple tree stood alone and gloomy and moody day after day, month after month, year after year. The apple tree again sank into loneliness and great compassion for the “boy”. One summer, the young man returned! The great tree was overjoyed and said, “Come and play with me. You didn’t go anywhere until now, I really miss you, do you know? ”.
The young man was now in his thirties, a few wrinkles of concern for life were imprinted on his forehead. He said: “Now my mood is not happy, every day I grow old. But I want to set sail, want to find a peaceful corner of the sky to be able to relax a little. Can you give me a boat? “. The apple tree looked back at its fallen body, nothing but a few big branches. The apple tree lovingly looked at him and said, “Cut my big branches and bring them to work as a boat! You will be satisfied. ” So he cut down the big branches of the big tree to make a solid wooden boat. The apple tree just smiled gently to him, his eyes were watching with pain until his shadow disappeared … This time the tree was no longer as fit as before. The lonely tree trunk felt as if it wanted to buck down. On the trunk added rough, rough bark. The apple tree knew that he was old, not sure if he could continue waiting for the “boy” to return.
The young man happily set sail to fulfill his ambition. He also didn’t think too much about the apple tree. Not sure how long the apple tree has not seen his face. There are days left by the wind, the apple tree looks even more fibrous, thinner than before. Apple tree trunks were gradually eaten by decaying ants, one had to cut the entire trunk of the apple tree, leaving only the rough tree. A few dozen years later, the young man finally returned to visit the apple tree.

But now that he was an old man with gray hair, his back wasn’t as straight as before. The apple tree saw him as happy as a drought, with showers but suddenly sad because he was still inert.
The apple tree said, “Sorry. I have nothing left for you, my result is gone. ”
The old man said, “My teeth have fallen out, I cannot eat fruit anymore.”
The apple tree said, “I don’t have big branches left for you to climb anymore.”
The old man said, “I’m old, can’t climb anymore.”
“My body has been eaten away by termites, the people in the village are gone. I have nothing more for you to do … Only the dry old roots remain. ” The wrinkled face of the apple tree was filled with tears.
The old man said, “How many years have passed, I am also tired now. I was no longer earnest. I just want a place to rest. ”

The apple tree cheered:
“Alright, then my old root is best suited for you to rest, sit down and close your eyes, I’ll lull you to sleep!”
The old man sat down, the great tree happily shed tears … How many memories came rushing back. Remember the early days, when the old man was just a heart-shaped boy under a tree, until he had a home of his own, then flew high and far away on the horizon of the ocean corner. Now he returned to the apple tree.
For an apple tree, that is already a very satisfying thing, the greatest happiness. The apple tree is happy that I have done everything possible, as long as the boy is happy. Despite the exhaustion of energy, the apple tree still felt happy when it was again holding its “boy” into its arms, listening to its breath and stroking him …

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