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Hakudo Co., Ltd (Japan) Become A Strategic Shareholder Of Oristar

Date posted: 12/ 06/ 2020 - The poster: admin

On 10th June, 2020, Hakudo Co., Ltd (Japan) became the strategic shareholder of Oristar Corporation through the investment of 18.2% of charter capital of Oristar.

Hakudo Co., Ltd (Japan) was established in 1932. After 88 years of development, Hakudo become one of the biggest metal distributors in Japan with leading local partner companies in Asian such as: Shanghai Hakudo Percision Materials Co., Ltd in China, Hakudo (Thailand) Co., Ltd in Thailand, Malaysia Local Distributor in Malaysia, Indonesia Local Distributor in Indonesia and Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

The decision to invest in Oristar once again affirms the commitment of Hakudo Co., Ltd (Japan) to companion with the leading non-ferrous metal suppliers in the market. And demonstrates a strategic cooperation with the goal of suplying high quality non-ferrous metal to the Asian market in general and the Vietnamese market in particular. Thereby the position, prestige and development ability of Oristar are increasingly strengthened.Oristar Hakudo Web

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