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Date posted: 01/ 07/ 2021 - The poster: admin

Dear Valued Customer,

Oristar sincerely thank you for your trust and cooperation!

Recently, the Covid pandemic has spread widely in many areas, seriously affecting the production of many companies due to the implementation of social distancing / quarantine. The activities of many companies have been interrupted, greatly affecting the manufacturing schedules, leading to delay delivery goods to partners, reducing orders and output, postponed investment progress and even cancelling projects which are deployed or will be deployed, etc.

With the spirit of sharing difficulties, the goal of accompanying with your company to overcome the difficult time, Oristar would like to announce the implementation of the free shipping program applied as belows:

– Free shipping cost for all orders delivered to Bac Ninh and Bac Giang province.

– Valid time: from July 1st, 2021 to August 31th, 2021.

Hopefully with this program, Oristar will make a small contribution to the effort of maintaining and restoring your company’s production and business activities, step by step overcoming challenges against the Covid pandemic.

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