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Life story: The heart has no age

Date posted: 24/ 03/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: The heart has no age334. Trái Tim Không Có Tuổi

The boat glided, and on the deck, a lot of people were enjoying a comfortable three-day beach vacation. In the aisle ahead I was a small woman in light brown clothes. Her shoulders were slightly bent, her white hair was cut short over her shoulders. From the loudspeaker of the train suddenly heard a familiar melody of the song “Let’s start the Beguine dance”.
And suddenly, something really wonderful happened right before my eyes. The woman – not aware that someone was behind her – agile and graceful walking with the music – the body flexible, rhythmic. As she approached the door to the dining car, she returned to her solemnity and walked slowly inside. Young people often think that people in our late twenties like us will no longer be romantic, not suitable for dancing or dreaming.
They judge us by the appearance of their age, their wrinkles, their large waistlines and their salt and pepper hair. They don’t see the real person living inside us. Nobody knows that my soul is still the soul of a slender girl, raised in a suburb of Boston. From the bottom of my heart, I still think I’m the youngest daughter in a happy family, a beautiful loving mother and a happy father by my side.
And I’m still a romantic young woman who craves love, a young woman who wants to assert herself in society – but who should I tell this to? We, like the other woman, still kept our hearts on the music. With the capital we have collected, we may look like adults on the outside, but inside are still playful children, shy girls, young people full of dreams.
We always experience life experiences, and what we always want to achieve. In our hearts still echoes the bustle of the song “Let’s start the Beguine dance”. And when we’re alone, we dance.
The degree of maturity in a person’s life depends on his / her attitude towards others: being gentle with young people, passionate about the elderly, sympathetic to someone who has the will to strive and be tolerant to the weak and the strong. Because, each person’s life will at some point have to fall into the plight of these people.

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