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Life story: Why don’t rivers flow in a straight line ???

Date posted: 09/ 06/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Why don’t rivers flow in a straight line ???338. Tại Sao Các Dòng Sông Không Chảy Theo đường Thẳng

During one lesson, the teacher opened a map and asked the students, “Look, what are the characteristics of the rivers on this map?”
Practitioners answered, “All are not flowing in a straight line but winding, winding.”
“Why is that? In other words, why are those rivers not flowing in a straight line but in a roundabout way? ” – the teacher continued to ask.
At this time, the comments began to become juicy.
It is said that rivers that flow in a roundabout, winding winding will prolong the flow, so that the river can hold more water. When the flood season comes, the river water will not rise too high but cause flooding.
It was also answered that when the flow of the river was extended, the water flow on each section of the river would be reduced, the river water would not cause too much pressure to erode the riverbank, thus there would be the effect of riverbank protection rather than straight flow …
“You are all right,” the teacher nodded and continued to explain.
“But in my personal view, the rivers do not flow straight but in a roundabout way, the most basic reason is because it is a normal state of nature.
Because in the process of flowing water forward, it will encounter countless obstacles, even impassable obstacles.
Therefore, it only has to choose the roundabout way to continue. Thanks to the detour, the river will avoid various obstacles and eventually reach the big sea. ”
Speaking of which, the teacher changed the subject immediately: “In fact, so are human life. When we encounter bumpy obstacles in life, we should also consider that imperfect life is a normal state of life, do not pessimistic despair, do not lament, nor stop. stop interrupting the work going forward.
Consider taking a detour as a form, another way for us to keep walking. In this way, we will all be able to meander through the meandering rivers, eventually reaching the big ocean. ”
Seeing the detour as a normal state, use a calm heart to see the bumpy and uneasy paths on the way forward, and then we will achieve the great goals of life.
Everyone knows very well that, in every human life, it is difficult to avoid times of difficulty so difficult to be overcome. At times like that, being flexible about taking a step back is also one way, or try to find other methods, though a little more time-consuming, a little more effort but achieving the goal is still more than stubborn, wants achieve results immediately and then get bitter results.
In this life, there is no easy path on every journey. Arduous and challenging is a measure of the meaning of the destination, just persevere through it, we will reach the destination. And consider difficulties as an opportunity for yourself. Finding a path that is neither straight nor close to go can sometimes be a smart and wise decision.

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