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Life story: Perfect

Date posted: 20/ 01/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Perfect328. Sự Hoàn Hảo

Everyone of us is obsessed with the thought “We must be perfect”. Perhaps this thought has made us moan “Life is broken”. We always fight with ourselves for better and better. But being “multiplying” is “perfect”. When we make mistakes, we are tormented, and our fears are no longer respected and trusted. Mistakes are only useful when they encourage us to move forward, otherwise they will paralyze people with inferiority complex.
The story goes that once upon a time, there was a circle. The circle was very proud of its body, perfectly round to the millimeter. However, one morning when he woke up, he suddenly found himself losing a large corner of the triangle. Frustrated, the circle found the lost triangle. Because it was no longer perfect, it rolled very slowly. It began to praise the wildflowers glowing on the road. It bugged the same sentiments. It enjoyed the warm sunlight.
The circle found many fragments but none fit. It continued to search. One day he found a perfect fit. It was happy to shiver. Then it’s perfect as ever. It grafted other debris on and rolled off. But, hey! Why did it roll so fast! So fast that the flowers blurred in his eyes, the conversation was washed away in the wind. The circle recognized the world around it differently when it rolled too fast. It stopped, put debris on the road and slowly rolled away!
The lesson the circle gives us all is: It is strange that when people lose something, they find themselves perfect. A person who has everything in the world is a poor man. You will not know what it is to dream, to hope, to nourish for a better tomorrow. You will never know how happy it is to have someone love you and give you what you earnestly want!
Life is not a trap to wait for us to fall in and convict us. Life is a bit like the season, when the strongest team can be lost and the weakest team has splendid moments. Our goal is to win more than lose.
Accept that imperfection is an indispensable part of being human. If we are brave enough to love, strong enough to forgive, generous enough to share the happiness of others, smart enough to understand that love always surrounds us. At that time, we have reached the perfection that many people dare to dream!

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