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Life story: Is this pepper hot?

Date posted: 27/ 04/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Is this pepper hot?335. Ớt Này Có Cay Không

One day, with nothing to do, I went to stand next to a sister’s three-wheeled van, trying to see how she solved two completely contrasting problems.
When no one came to buy me, I tried to act smart and told her, “Please divide this chili into two heaps, if someone wants to buy spicy, give them this heap, and if not, then give them to them ”.
The chili sister smiled at me and gently said, “No need!” Being told, a person came to buy, and the miracle happened, how did the mistress finally say? Watch it soon …
As expected of that question: “Is your chili spicy?” She sold chili very firmly and told customers that: “The color is dark, spicy, and light is not spicy!” The buyer thought it was real, chose to pay immediately, please go. Soon, the pale-colored peppers were not much left.
Another customer came, still the same question: “Is your peppers spicy?” She took a look at her peppers and opened her mouth to speak … This time the owner answered, “Long peppers are spicy, short peppers are not spicy!” As expected, the instant buyer based on her classification criteria began to choose. The result this time was, the chili was quickly gone.
Looking at the short and dark colored chilli fruits that were left, I thought, “How do you say this time?”
However, when another customer asked, “Are peppers spicy?” She sold chili completely confident and answered, “Hard shell is spicy, soft shell is not spicy!”.
I secretly admire, isn’t it, being exposed to the sun for half a day, indeed there are a lot of chilli due to dehydration that become tender.
She sold her chili pepper and sold her pepper, before she left, she told me, “The way you say that, actually the chili sellers we all know, but my way is only I know it.” ”. It is so magical! Just a little ingenious, the owner sold chili faster.
Lesson: Actually you have never thought that what you sell is not a commodity, it is …
1. For unfamiliar customers, it is polite to sell.
2. For familiar customers, the thing to sell is enthusiasm.
3. For impatient customers, what sells is performance.
4. For the arrogant customers, what really sells is patience.
5. For those who have money, what you sell is respect.
6. For the poor, what sells is the real benefit.
7. For fashionable people, what sells is luxury.
8. For professionals, what you sell is professionalism.
9. For cheerful people, what you sell is openness.
10. For miserly people, what really sells is the benefit.
11. For those who enjoy life, what is sold is service.
12. For those who are honorable, what is sold is honor.
13. For critics, selling is subtlety.
14. For the meek, what is sold is sincerity.
15. For those who are hesitant, what really needs to be sold is assurance.

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