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Life story: Never give up

Date posted: 02/ 03/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Never give up332. Không Bao Giờ Gục Ngã

As a child, Mary Groda could not learn to read and write. Experts believe that she has developmental delay. When she reached puberty, she was labeled a “rebellious” and imprisoned for two years in a re-education camp. Strangely enough, it was here that Mary began to study and she studied 16 hours a day. Her efforts paid off with her high school diploma.
But misfortunes continued to Mary. After leaving the re-education camp, she became pregnant without any help. Then two years later, the second pregnancy caused her to have a stroke, losing the ability to read and write that it was very difficult for her to have. With the help and support of her father, Mary fought against the illness, regained what was lost.
In the tight financial conditions, Mary still tried to overcome everything. In order to escape the end of the path, she adopted seven children at the same time. Around the same time, she started studying at a community college. Upon completion of the course, she applied and was accepted to study at Albany Medical School.
In the spring of 1984 in Oregon, Mary Groda Lewis – now married – stepped onto the stage to receive her bachelor’s degree in bachelor outfit. No one knows what Mary was thinking when she reached out to receive the evidence to prove her confidence in herself and her perseverance. The degree has told the world: Here, at a very small point on this Earth, there is a man who dares to dream a seemingly impossible dream, a person who has asserted to us all. about the amazing abilities that humans can do. Here, the one who is standing tall is Mary Groda Lewis, a doctor of medicine.
“Desire and nurture your dreams, because that is the motivation to help you achieve the greatest accomplishments of your life.”

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