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Life story: Are you happy with work today?

Date posted: 21/ 07/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Are you happy with work today?340. Hôm Nay đi Làm Có Vui Không

When you are tired of work, people may immediately think about “dancing”. But is that a good remedy for “sick” work?
“Is it fun to work?”, This is a question you asked yourself during your school days. You may have imagined yourself being a passionate person at your desk, your eyes always bright with energy. Have you imagined that you will be doing challenging and interesting jobs?
“Did you go to work yesterday?”, You ask yourself in the present tense. Yesterday you might have done things that you were disgusted about. Innovative products that you always want to throw away, but people say “it’s okay”. You don’t know, but vaguely realize that your creativity has been abraded ever since.
The creative poverty of your current job is further increased when you compare it with the work of your peers. The current position suddenly becomes trivial when placed next to colleagues. Have those discourages and doubts repeatedly discouraged you?
And even so, you shouldn’t think of losing your passion for your current job. Just “passion” has become something more stable, less groundbreaking. You still finish deadlines, go to meetings, participate in projects, still workaholic despite feeling pressure.
Your friends are the same, no matter what you do, you will face more or less boredom. Someone said that the work under the power, all day only doing things stable and not seeing the promotion. Others say that they feel that their work is useless and that it does not help life. There are many people who say that the work is good, but the leisurely environment makes that person feel like he or she is stuck there …
But even so, many people still choose to stick with their current jobs, for many different reasons. There are people who are good bosses who do not want to leave, some who like stability should stay, others who do not have alternatives should stay … Some people are afraid of moving to a new job to rebuild from scratch , from reputation to colleagues to the trust of superiors, so she doesn’t want to leave.
Many people choose to “jump jobs” when they meet jobs that are below expectations. But a job dancer does not know if the new job is interesting or not, and whether it will continue to become an “old job” after a while. We don’t know too much about the future, but the boring stability of the present sometimes makes some part of us say that we are missing an opportunity, saying that good jobs are out there, saying that there are many fish in the ocean … The ambition of a human is as big as the ocean full of fish, and that is the wall that prevents us from reaching true happiness.
One of the other reasons that many people want to “jump job” is the mentality “neighbors’ grass is always greener.” Your peers always make you feel like you’re being left behind. There are many high school classmates who now have a high position at work, bought a house, got married … made you look back and feel like a loser stuck with the boring job.
But eventually you will realize that each person has a separate life, and no life is better than any other life. We are all born protagonists in our own films, but minor characters in other people’s films. Each person has his own story, his own ambitions, his own feelings … but ultimately, each of us choose a different life and just be happy in the life we ​​choose.
“People always show their best.” That is why we always feel inferior to colleagues. We look at expensive European tours showing off on Instagram, but don’t see the pressure from their work. We look at desirable positions, but do not see the sweat they have to strive to. We look at smiles and luxurious parties on our Facebook message boards, but we can’t see the loneliness, the contradictions in people’s relationships.
When I stopped looking at people to make comparisons, stopped focusing too much on my work, I started to feel serene and have happy moments easier. You will think you are blessed with your current position, fortunate because you can always buy your favorite shoes, watch and perfume bottle. You will feel lucky yourself because with the current “boring” work, you can carry your backpack and go without much hassle. You feel lucky because you have good colleagues, and even though sometimes they are a bit mean, it’s easy to understand.
And you’ll feel fortunate that you finally realize that life is not a race to see which role model is best, but a television show where everyone is given the opportunity. Life is a place where we can show our abilities, contribute to our abilities and feel useful because the world always needs us.
“Did you have fun today?”, You should have got the answer. We always have stable parts of life, so we can compare them to breakthroughs in other parts. Today may be nothing special, but an appointment with a colleague tonight will be fun. Sometimes we should not give up stability in search of something vague called “passion”. Because stability is not always boring and what we haven’t done is not always really interesting.

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