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Life story: The ice hearts

Date posted: 24/ 02/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: The ice heartsNhững Tâm Hồn Băng Giá

Six people, by accident of fate, trapped in the same cave very dark and cold. Each person had a small stick while the main fire was burning down.
The first woman tried to toss the stick into the fire, but suddenly pulled away. She had just seen a black face in the white group.
The second man scanned the faces around the bonfire and found that one of them did not go to the church with him. That sticks were also collected.
The 3rd person mused in a crumpled clothes. He pulled his shirt up to his neck, looked at the opposite person, and thought, “Why do I have to sacrifice the stick to warm the rich fat pig?”
The rich man retreated a bit, calculating: “The stick of wood in hand, it must be so hard to earn, why must we share it with that loafers of that lazy hugging shirt?”
The light of the fire lit one last time, illuminating the blackened face, showing hostile expressions: “No, I will not allow myself to use this stick to warm white men!”
Only the last person in the group. Looking at the other people thoughtfully in silence, he said to himself, “I’ll give the stick, if someone throws their share into the fire first.”
And so, the night gradually. The six people looked at each other nervously, tightly holding the logs. Only red coal fire then extinguished.
The next morning when rescuers arrived, all six died. They do not die from the outside cold but die from the deep chill in the soul.

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