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Life story: Dream

Date posted: 03/ 02/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Dream329. Giấc Mơ

It was a local race – one we had to practice hard to attend. The latest wound in my leg still hasn’t healed. Actually I had to fight for myself if I should join the race. But in the end, I was preparing to attend the 3,200m lap.
“Ready … get ready …” The gunfire rang out and we started. The other girls all run before me. I realized that I was embarrassingly hanging out behind everyone and that I was getting further and further away.
The first runner to the finish line was two rounds ahead of me. “Hooray!” The crowd shouted. It was the biggest cheering I ever heard in a race.
“Maybe I should give up,” I thought as I continued. “Those people didn’t want to wait for me to reach the finish line.” But in the end, I decided to continue running. The last two laps I ran in agony. I decided not to participate in running next year. It was not worth it, whether my leg got off or not. I couldn’t win against the girl who won me twice.
When I arrived at the destination, I heard cheering – as loud as the time before the other girl had arrived. “What’s wrong?” I asked myself. I turned to look and saw the boys preparing to run. “That’s right, they are cheering the boys.”
I was running to the bathroom when a girl bumped into me. “Wow, you really have courage!” The girl told me.
I thought to myself, “Courage? She must confuse herself with someone else. I lost! ”
“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to run two miles like you just did. I will probably give up from the first round. Are your feet okay? We cheered for you. Are you listening?”
I could not believe it. A stranger even cheered me up – not because she wanted me to win, but because she wanted me to continue without giving up. I regained hope. I decided to take part in next year’s competition. A girl regained my dream.
On that day I learned two things:
– Firstly, being a little bit cordial and trusting in others can change that person a lot.
– Second, strength and courage are not always measured by medals and victories. They are measured by the struggles we overcome. The strongest people are not always the winners but those who do not give up when they have lost.
I only had one dream on that day – perhaps in the end of my senior year – that I could win this race with the loud cheers I had today.

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