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Life story: What we need most

Date posted: 13/ 01/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: What we need most327. Điều Chúng Ta Cần Nhất

Story 1:

It was a very peaceful evening, when my family was watching our favorite movie, the phone rang. Mom picked up the phon, listened attentively and said: “Is that so, is that so, yeah …”. Then put the machine. I caught a glimpse of my mother doing something strange – unplug the “phone jack”. Then my father and mother kept watching the movie. It was the night that Dong Xuan Market was fired. The panicist informed the mother that the fire had burnt to the stall of our house. After that was the years of borrowing, turning heads and turning dark, rebuilding from scratch. Once I asked my mother about that night, she answered quietly: “I do not want my father to rush and then go there, what if I do …”. The whole inheritance was hard, but in that moment, my mother only thought of my father.

Story 2:

My sister saved up her capital to buy a piece of land in the suburbs. With an appointment to bring money to deposit, she hurriedly ordered a taxi. Along the way, she came across a group of young and old men and women, holding a little girl who had been bitten by a buffalo, and begged for a ride to Hanoi for help. My sister immediately told him to drive the car, take her child, the mother, and her sister straight to Hanoi. Her mother was paralyzed with fear, could not help crying. She alone managed to send her to the emergency room, be hospitalized, even pay the hospital fee when knowing that the mother could not have VND 100,000 in her pocket … When she was sure that she was safe, she would return home. . Never mention how expensive the ride was, how much the hospital fees were, or sad because the satisfactory land was not in time to deposit through other people’s hands. And every New Year, her family has more guests from the countryside.

Story 3:

My father is a successful person, he loves his job, goes to bed early at night, has insomnia. And my mother, in everyone’s eyes, was a very ordinary woman with simple worries. But once he told me that although he loved his job, he didn’t need it, just like he didn’t really need houses or money. All that a father needs is a mother, and a mother is a father who has everything, including valuable things, like … us.
Sometimes you have to be surprised at the people you love. Peace in their mind. The simple decision that drastically. Their calm at things that seem to be very important, but not really important. The way they earnestly with humans. Simple, but powerful.

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