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Life story: The Ax

Date posted: 05/ 05/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: The AxChiếc Rìu

A young man came to the manager of a group of woodcutters to get a job. The manager pointed to a big tree and told him to cut down how long it took.
The young man did not spend a lot of time cutting down that tree skillfully. Impressed by his ingenious workmanship, the manager decided to accept him as “Very good, start working from next Monday”.
Monday. Tuesday. Then Wednesday passed, the day the boy worked hard. By the afternoon of Thursday, the superintendent came and showed the young man the rankings: “Young man, your productivity has lagged behind the others. The summation from the beginning of the week showed that you fell from the top spot on Monday to the bottom position until today. ”
The disgruntled young man spoke up: “But I worked very hard. I’m always the first to arrive and the last to leave, even though I don’t even have time to drink water! ”
The governor nodded and said, “I have to admit that you are the most industrious worker here, but how long have you not sharpened your ax?”
The honest boy admitted: “From the beginning of the week until now, not once. I was too busy working so I didn’t have time to sharpen the ax. ”
Lesson: Our lives are the same. Hard work is not bad, but sometimes it takes a pause to “sharpen the ax”, refreshing yourself through self-study and practice. Ignoring this, we will quickly “blunt” away, and gradually lose our ability to work effectively.

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