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Life story: The most beautiful picture

Date posted: 20/ 05/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: The most beautiful picture337. Bức Tranh đẹp Nhất

A painter who lifelong dreams of a BEAUTIFUL painting IN TRANAN He went to ask the professor for the best thing. The professor replied, “I think the most beautiful thing in the world is FAITH, because faith enhances human values.”
The artist asked the same question to a girl and was answered: “LOVE” is the most beautiful thing on earth, because love makes bitterness sweet, bringing smiles to those who mourn. , make little things noble, how boring life would be without love “
Finally, the artist met a soldier who had just returned from the battlefield, when asked, the soldier replied: “PEACE is the most beautiful thing in the world, where there is peace, there is beauty.”
When he returned home, the artist realized his belief in the eyes of his children, LOVE in the kiss of his wife. It is these things that filled his soul with HANH PHUC and BINH AN. Now he understood what the most beautiful thing in the world. After his work was completed, the artist named his painting “FAMILY”.
– That is where we look for comfort and support
– That is where the simple food also becomes beautiful
– That’s where money is less precious than love
– It is a place where even boiling water will bring joy and happiness.

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