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Metal Story: Titanium (Ti)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Titanium (Ti) – Son of the Earth At dawn on August 18, 1964, a rocket was launched in Prospekt Mira in Moscow. It was not destined to reach the Moon or Venus but its fate was to be no less glamorous: it was a silvery obelisk of a soaring rocket frozen for ever in the Moscow sky, which was to immortalize the feat of the Soviet spaceman who blazed the trail in space. The authors of the project had been unable for a long time to decide on ...

Metal Story: Uranium (U)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Uranium (U) – The fuel of Century It is hard to say what name the German chemist Martin Klaproth would have given the element he discovered in 1789 had not an event occurred a few years previously which had excited all sections of society: the discovery of the seventh planet of the solar system. Observing the star-studded sky through a home-made telescope in 1781, the British astronomer William Herschel discovered a luminescent cloud which he first took for a comet but then became convinced that what he saw ...

Metal Story: Vanadium (V) – Vitamin V

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Vanadium (V) – Vitamin V “But for vanadium, there would have been no automobile,” said the motor king Henry Ford. In 1905 Henry Ford was present at a big motor racing event and as often happens at such races, there was a collision. After a while Ford went up to the scene of the accident and picked up a fragment of one of the crashed cars. It was a French car and the fragment had belonged to its valve spindle. There seemed nothing special about it but Ford, ...

Metal Story: Gold (Au)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Gold (Au) – The King of metals and the metal of Kings Gold! ... Never was a metal destined to play so sinister a role in the ages-old history of mankind. For the sake of gold blood-thirsty wars were waged, nations and states were annihilated and monstrous crimes committed. No words can adequately describe the sorrow and suffering caused by this beautiful yellow metal. It would perhaps be correct to say that the first to suffer from gold was the Phrygian King Midas. This is how Midas’ story ...

Metal Story: Tungsten (W)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Tungsten (W) – Giving Light The names of many elements speak for themselves: hydrogen producing water”; carbon — “producing coal; mendelevium, einsteinium, fermium, curium and kurchatovium — all honouring outstanding scientists; europium, americium, francium, germanium and californium speaking of the places where they were found. But the names of some elements require an explanation. One of them is tungsten or wolfram. Wolfram means wolfs froth. What can this element of the VI group of the Periodic Table and the forest carnivore have in common? It was a long ...

Metal Story: Zirconium (Zr)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Zirconium (Zr) – A “Clothing” for Uranium rods In 1789 while analyzing a variety of the min eral zircon Martin Heinrich Klaproth, the German chemist and member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences, discovered a new element which he called zirconium. Owing to its beautiful colours ranging between golden, orange and pink — this mineral was considered a precious stone as early as the epoch of Alexander the Great. Its name evidently derives from the Arab “zarqun” meaning “golden”. Other names of this mineral also occur in the ...

Metal Story: Copper

Date posted: 17/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: COPPER (Cu) Image: "The reward for brave hearted warrior", made by Beryllium Copper C1720, (C) ORISTAR The treasure of ancient Urals – Inheriting from the Sinanthropus – The “magnificent seven” – The Stone Age is retreating – On the construction site of the Great Pyramid of Khufu – The best gift for a woman – Alchemist priests – Incantations to cure “sores”. Achilles’ impregnable shield. Scrap metal from one of the Wonders of the Wolrd. A night bar in the head. “Take goat-milk cheese…”.  Circles under the eyes. ...

How to make car wheels?

Date posted: 05/ 04/ 2017 - The poster: VTRiT

Oristar How to make car wheels from aluminum alloy round bar? Oristar Source: Mechanics Mix facebook channel
Oristar - Bolt

How to make Bolt

Date posted: 03/ 03/ 2017 - The poster: VTRiT

Nguồn: How It's Made Youtube Channel
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