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Metal Story: Silver (Ag)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Silver (Ag) – Of a Noble origin Winning one victory after another, the irrepressible army of Alexander the Great was marching to the east. Behind lay the subdued Persia and Phoenicia, Egypt and Babylonia, Bactria and Sogdiana. In 327 B.C. the warriors invaded India and it seemed there was no force that could stop the great commander. But suddenly the Greek army was struck by an outbreak of a mysterious gastrointestinal disease. Exhausted and suffering, the men rose demanding to be sent home. Anxious though he was to ...

Metal Story: Beryllium (Be)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Beryllium (Be) – Space Age Metal “Beryllium is one of the most remarkable elements of tremendous theoretical and practical significance. “Mastery of the aire and daring flights of aircraft and ballons are impossible without light metals; and we already foresee that beryllium will arrive to help the current aircraft metals, aluminum and magnesium. “And then our aircraft will fly with a speed of thousands of kilometres per hour. “The future belongs to beryllium! “Geochemists, start looking for new beryllium deposits. Chemists, learn to separate this light metal from ...

Metal Story: Lead (Pb)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Lead (Pb) – The metal that destroyed Rome That Rome was saved by geese is common knowledge. The good birds noticed the advancing enemy in time to announce his coming in loud piercing cries and warn of the danger. That time the city escaped unharmed: it was destined to fall later. Why did the fall of the once powerful Roman Empire take place? What destroyed Rome? Some American toxicologists maintain that the end of Rome had been caused by lead poisoning, a result of the use of dishes ...

Metal Story: Cobalt (Co)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Cobalt (Co) – The Charge of the Guns of Peace It is said that the well-known 16th century chemist and doctor Paracelsus liked to demonstrate a trick which was invariably successful. He would first show his audience a painting of a winter landscape — snow-covered trees and hills. After letting them admire it as long as they pleased, he would turn winter into summer before their very eyes: the trees would cover with foliage and the white hills would disappear beneath new green grass. Was it a miracle? ...

Metal Story: Chromium (Cr)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Chromium (Cr) – The “Red Lead” Mystery Among the numerous designation of steels in any Soviet metallurgical handbook one is bound to come across many that include the symbol “X”: X18H10T, X12M, 0X23I-05, IIIX5, 8X4B401, X147=14H3T, 12X2HBOA, 30XMIOA, etc. For the uninitiated this “cypher” is as mysterious as hieroglyphs. But is steelworker sees his way in these seemingly random combinations of letters and figures as easily as a musician reads his score. Even a cursory glance at these designations is enough to notice the common element in them: ...

Chuyện kim loại: Kẽm (Zn)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Chuyện kim loại: Kẽm (Zn) - "Tấm vải phủ" của thép Hồi đầu những năm 60, tại vùng ven triền núi bắc Capcazơ đã tiến hành những cuộc khai quật khảo cổ học ở làng cổ Mesôco. Từ xa xưa lắm, khoảng 2.500 năm trước công nguyên, đây là nơi sinh sống của các bộ lạc chăn nuôi súc vật; những bộ lạc này đã biết sử dụng công cụ lao động làm bằng đồng và đồng đỏ. Trong số nhiều đồ trang sức nhỏ làm bằng kim loại tìm ...

Metal Story: Lithium (Li)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Lithium (Li) – The Lightest Metal It was 150 years in 1967 since lithium,  the first in the group of metals in the Mendeleyev Periodic Table, had been discovered. In all this time it has not lost its importance and still is “in the prime of life”. Enormous as its role in modem technology is, specialists do not believe that they know everything about this metal and predict a great future for it yet to come. But before going into that let us make a trip into the ...

Metal Story: Magnesium (Mg)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Magnesium (Mg) – A Fighter Against Fatigue The search for the notorious “philosopher’s stone” was the biggest headache of “researchers” in medieval alchemic laboratories. The “stone” was to help them obtain gold from baser metals. The search proceeded in various directions. Some asserted that lead, heated up to the point when it would release the “red lion” (i.e. up to melting point) and then boiled in tart grape alcohol, was the best raw material for the production of “the philosopher’s stone”, others thought that it was animal urine, ...

Metal Story: Manganese (Mn)

Date posted: 30/ 05/ 2018 - The poster: VTRiT

Metal Story: Manganese (Mn) – Iron’s old Companion Those who have been to the Moscow Underground could not have missed the Mayakovskaya Station, one of the most magnificent subway palaces supported by columns finished with a beautiful pink stone along their edges. The stone is rhodonite, a mineral containing manganese. The delicate pink colour (“rhodon” in Greek means “pink”) and good workability make it an excellent finishing material which is also good to carve various articles from. Articles made from rhodonite are kept in the Hermitage and the Peter and ...
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