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334. Trái Tim Không Có Tuổi

Life story: The heart has no age

Date posted: 24/ 03/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: The heart has no age The boat glided, and on the deck, a lot of people were enjoying a comfortable three-day beach vacation. In the aisle ahead I was a small woman in light brown clothes. Her shoulders were slightly bent, her white hair was cut short over her shoulders. From the loudspeaker of the train suddenly heard a familiar melody of the song "Let's start the Beguine dance". And suddenly, something really wonderful happened right before my eyes. The woman - not aware that someone was behind ...
332. Không Bao Giờ Gục Ngã

Life story: Never give up

Date posted: 02/ 03/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Never give up As a child, Mary Groda could not learn to read and write. Experts believe that she has developmental delay. When she reached puberty, she was labeled a "rebellious" and imprisoned for two years in a re-education camp. Strangely enough, it was here that Mary began to study and she studied 16 hours a day. Her efforts paid off with her high school diploma. But misfortunes continued to Mary. After leaving the re-education camp, she became pregnant without any help. Then two years later, the second ...
Những Tâm Hồn Băng Giá

Life story: The ice hearts

Date posted: 24/ 02/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: The ice hearts Six people, by accident of fate, trapped in the same cave very dark and cold. Each person had a small stick while the main fire was burning down. The first woman tried to toss the stick into the fire, but suddenly pulled away. She had just seen a black face in the white group. The second man scanned the faces around the bonfire and found that one of them did not go to the church with him. That sticks were also collected. The 3rd person ...
330. Hành Trang Lên đường

Life story: Luggage for the trip

Date posted: 10/ 02/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Luggage for the trip There was a Disciple who wanted to study far away. The Venerable asked, "When will you go?" "Next week I will go. In the long distance, I have asked people to weave a few pairs of grass shoes, after getting my shoes, I will leave". The teacher pensive for a while and then said, "If not, I will ask the followers to donate shoes for you." He did not The Venerable ask how many people but on that day there were dozens of people ...
329. Giấc Mơ

Life story: Dream

Date posted: 03/ 02/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Dream It was a local race - one we had to practice hard to attend. The latest wound in my leg still hasn't healed. Actually I had to fight for myself if I should join the race. But in the end, I was preparing to attend the 3,200m lap. "Ready ... get ready ..." The gunfire rang out and we started. The other girls all run before me. I realized that I was embarrassingly hanging out behind everyone and that I was getting further and further away. The ...
328. Sự Hoàn Hảo

Life story: Perfect

Date posted: 20/ 01/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: Perfect Everyone of us is obsessed with the thought "We must be perfect". Perhaps this thought has made us moan "Life is broken". We always fight with ourselves for better and better. But being "multiplying" is "perfect". When we make mistakes, we are tormented, and our fears are no longer respected and trusted. Mistakes are only useful when they encourage us to move forward, otherwise they will paralyze people with inferiority complex. The story goes that once upon a time, there was a circle. The circle was very ...
327. Điều Chúng Ta Cần Nhất

Life story: What we need most

Date posted: 13/ 01/ 2020 - The poster: admin

Life story: What we need most Story 1: It was a very peaceful evening, when my family was watching our favorite movie, the phone rang. Mom picked up the phon, listened attentively and said: "Is that so, is that so, yeah ...". Then put the machine. I caught a glimpse of my mother doing something strange - unplug the "phone jack". Then my father and mother kept watching the movie. It was the night that Dong Xuan Market was fired. The panicist informed the mother that the fire had burnt ...
325. Món Quà Tặng Mẹ

Life story: A gift for mother

Date posted: 24/ 12/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: A gift for mother I hurriedly walked into a store to get some last-minute Christmas presents for my daughter. Looking at the crowd in awe, I would probably be stuck in the store forever while having many things to do piled up. From time to time it is unclear Christmas has become a burden. I don't know why there must be such an annoying holiday with so many things to worry about, gifts to buy for people and others, I hope to be able to roll back and ...
324. Người Bạn

Life story: Friend

Date posted: 17/ 12/ 2019 - The poster: admin

Life story: Friend The owner of the shop hung a "Puppy dog for sale" sign on the door. Such sign is always appealing to younger customers. Just then, a boy appeared. - "How much are you selling these dogs for?" - the boy asked. The owner answered: - Between $30 and $50. The boy pulled out some small change from his pocket. "I have $ 2.37," he said, "can I watch them?" The owner smiled and whistled. From inside the kennel, she ran out to Lady's mother, along with five ...
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